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My name is Christopher Perry and it is my esteemed pleasure to serve the Allgood community, home of the Allstars, as your assistant principal. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and my Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership, both of which were earned at Kennesaw State University. As a DeKalb County School District product, educated also in the same region as Allgood (Region 3), I could not be more humbled to give back to the same community that has empowered me to be who I am today. I truly believe that the school cannot function apart from the community. Parents, I welcome and encourage your engagement in the great things that are happening at Allgood. You are a vital part of the success of our students. Thank you for sending us your best each day, and entrusting us to educate and nurture your greatest treasure. I will work diligently to ensure that your child is provided the greatest quality of instruction, each day, as well as a safe and orderly school environment. I hold firm to our Allgood motto that "All stars rise up!" When we all work together at our best, the sky is truly the limit to what our students will achieve. I look forward to rising with you throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

Christopher Perry 
Assistant Principal 
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